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Will a Second Stimulus Payment Hit By August?

Will the HEROES Act pass?


Should American families expect another round of stimulus payments before the end of the summer?

Since the pandemic hit, the federal government has only approved one round of direct cash assistance to American citizens and their dependents. That money, which was administered through the CARES Act, gave most American households $1,200 per adult worker and extra cash for dependent children. Although the cash was much appreciated, the economy is still in free-fall, and many politicians, policymakers, and Americans have clamored for more help in the midst of mass unemployment and a crashing economy. Even Mitch McConnell has signaled a willingness to support an additional stimulus payment.

Then there’s the HEROES Act, or the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, has been on the Senate floor since May and was the bill that would have provided for more stimulus checks to Americans. The Trump administration has also recently signaled that they had an interest in sending out another wave of checks – although it’s unclear whether or not that will happen.

Experts suggest that the second stimulus check, if the HEROES Act were to pass, it would likely do so before August 8th — because that’s the last day Congress is in session before a one-month recess. Any act that would give cash to Americans or stimulate the economy that isn’t passed before August 8th might not pass after recess because momentum for the bill will have stalled out, leaving lawmakers with an excuse to not dish out cash to America’s vulnerable. Given that the HEROES Act was maligned by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and considered ‘dead’ on arrival,’ it might not even matter if they try to debate the bill before the August recess. 

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Still, if the bill did pass, it would be an enormous help to families, expanding the pool of those who can receive benefits who were excluded from the last bill and putting more money into American pockets.